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Prof. Ashok.K.Sinha
4th DIMENSION (Code- CC -101)
Personality Development (Code- CC -102)
Self Esteem (Code- CC -103)
Self Improvement (Code- CC -104)
Successful Person (Code- CC -105)
Manage your Stress (Code- CC -106)
Manage your Time (Code- CC -107)
Excellence in Retail (Code- CC -108)
Customer Satisfaction (Code- CC -109)
Emotional Toppings in Retail (Code- CC -110)
Customer Complain (Code- CC -111)
Social CRM (Code- CC -112)
Soumya Sinha
Face Reading (Code- MG -201)
Colour Therapy (Code- MG -203)
Learn Meditation (Code- MG -204)
Spiritual Meditation (Code- MG -205)

Prof. Ashok.K.Sinha


We are all aware that human beings are made of matter. This is one of the dimensions. The other dimensions are mental, emotional and spiritual.  These four dimensions complete the constitution of human being. These dimensions have dual behaviors and development. They grow individually as well as in conjugation with one another. It depends on the individual to develop these Dimensions. Happy are those who are able to keep a balance of 4 Dimensions and do not allow any of the dimensions to be neglected. However it is a matter of concern that most of us know what is physical, mental and emotional dimensions but hardly aware of the fourth one that is spiritual.
Most people dedicate a lot of time and energy to developing their physical, mental and emotional nature. Often they develop one at the cost of other two. But very few people have any awareness of their great spiritual potential.
Everyone desires to be happy but how many of us achieve happiness? How many of us achieve happiness which lasts? We search happiness in many ways and at many places. May it be relationship, money, careers, positions, sleeping, eating, shopping, traveling, name and face and many more. If we carefully examine these areas, then we find that they are lying outside the SELF. They may provide pleasure but never a true Happiness. It means happiness does not stay outside The SELF. Then it must be within SELF. Something which needs be searched inside one SELF. Our mind has unique nature.  The mind tires of what ­it has. It feels to search something new. When a new car brings happiness it may not last a year and the same car which has a source of happiness, attracts no more. The person looks for another model, colour or design. The same situation happens with other things like relationship, power, career, position, food, clothing’s and host of such things. These are all Thrills of Life and not happiness of life. Thus in search of happiness we are travelling on a wrong path then what is the real happiness? Can we understand and follow the right path to happiness? Can be really attain happiness?  To attain this we need to  restructure our perception and attitude to life. We need to redefine the way we approach our daily life. We need to redefine our values and restructure our priorities. This way we will be able to clean up the mess and open up the door to a well balanced and complete life. We wish to do our jobs nicely, rear up our children, keep happy our beloved ones, give attention to our family and friends. We keep on creating further complications by taking care of our all possessions, from house, cars and gadgets to own body, mind and soul and we further complicate it by trying to acquire more money and power and possibly everything. The inherent  contradiction  is that we cannot have it because our live is short that is we have less time and more desires. And the worst scenario is that when we fulfill one desire, immediately another one crop up and this unending cycle goes on. No wonder we keep on trying hard,  and the time keeps on running sort, and we are unable to satisfy all the demands our desires make on our minds.

We try to balance our possessions and the activities which have been proclaimed by the society. In doing so we start exhisting in the world and forget living. We simply keep on reacting and think that we are acting on our free will. Let us start living. Let us begin reorganizing our daily life. Let us pursue lasting Happiness through 4D cross connect.
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